Jobs Plus: Time to re-think this failed strategy

Unemployment in Ireland is growing and the government’s efforts to reduce it are at best unimaginative

Jobs Plus: Time to re-think this failed strategy

The Government’s new Jobs initiative, ‘Jobs Plus’, which was launched by An Taoiseach Enda Kenny, Tainiste Eamon Gilmore and Minister for Social Protection, Joan Burton, with much fanfare and joy last month and whose aim is to take 75,000 long-term unemployed people off the dole by providing them with employer-subsidised work placements, has been an under-whelming failure so far, with just 327 people applying for the scheme.

At icanwork4u we are not really surprised that this much touted PR stunt has not found favour with either the employers or the long-term unemployed. In a blog we posted two weeks ago we made the point that this new initiative paid no attention to the huge numbers of recently unemployed people, especially the young people whose only option seems to be emigration. Nor did the scheme address the droves of unemployed or under-employed self-employed…

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